There is a restaurant, pastry shop, grocery and drink shop. The restaurant offers ready-made meals and fast dishes. In addition to desserts, coffee, tea and other common hot and cold drinks, the ice cream parlor also offers draft ice cream, ice cream sundaes and packaged sweets.


If you prefer to prepare your own meals, there is a free open all day facility with kitchenettes equipped with electric cookers, sinks, hot and cold water and a dishwasher. There is also a small grocery and beverage shop, and you do not have to commute outside the camp for your own food preparation. You can buy a wide selection of ingredients for your own food preparation in Cheb, where there are many retail chains.


Camping Dřenice is a recreational area with more than forty years of tradition. The campsite is located on Lake Jesenice near Cheb and is very well accessible via R6 from Cheb to Prague and via road no. 21 from Cheb to Pilsen.

+420 732 564 407
+420 604 457 878

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